Profesco Sales Post #3

Welcome back to my sales!

Many new items have been added, including plush, figures, and collector's items. Prices have been reduced, and there are still some snazzy special offers to take advantage of. I've also begun shipping outside the US, so please have a look!

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General Collection Post #4: Photos - Rare TCG Cards

In 2012/2013, I stopped collecting Pokémon cards. The last expansion set I collected from was Dark Explorers. It was that winter, with grad school looming and student loans coming due, I decided that to keep on buying these cards indefinitely into the future as newer sets were released and obviated their predecessor sets would just be a way to leak money. It was a difficult decision, and a sad one - and one I sometimes still mourn when really cool new cards come out - but ultimately it was the right decision and a relief to have made.

Under the cut below will be pictures of my binder, stuffed to bursting with all of the rare cards I still have after, oh, about 15 years of collecting and playing the TCG. And these are not all of the cards, either. This binder contains only those cards I'm planning on getting rid of. In individual sleeves, there are yet other cards I'm either keeping or am still undecided about.

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TOMY Collection Post #9: Prospective Wants List

This'll be my first wants post, so bear with me. I can't begin to imagine how everyone at PKMNCollectors can manage to make their posts with all kinds of unique art and links and everything - these folks make it all look so easy! I'm just going to stick to a more utilitarian approach and just try to have the end product not look like an utter mess. =P

Most images of Tomy figures below are used with permission from xxiiijamesiiixx's collection website. Thanks, James! Pictures with green stars are semi-priority, which means I'm more likely to buy them (if the price is not beyond me). Pictures with rainbow stars are ultra-priority, which means I will buy them immediately.

I'll put everything under a cut, because it's extremely image-heavy.

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General Collection Post #3: Photos - Update

Since beginning to make some good money, I've taken to collection a bunch of lovely plush Pokémon as well. These purchases usually fill me with guilt, because it's not a serious collection and therefore is money that could be going into the savings account. But there are just some extraordinarily appealing products that the Pokémon franchise spawns, and a Pokéfan honestly just can't help himself. ^_^;

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Ah, and I should mention that all of my plush are mint, with tags (or MWT). But I do take off the large cardboard tags and preserve them safely inside a drawer. I think they're less likely to get damaged that way.

TOMY Collection Post #7: Photos - Update

I held off posting these pics for the first month because I thought it'd be smarter to wait and do a mass update. Then I held off a little longer to wait for an incoming purchase, and a little longer still to wait for another incoming purchase.... Eventually I realized that since joining the pkmncollector's community I would quite probably always have one more incoming purchase. ^_^;

As such, there's just one hasty picture here for now: a group shot. To be clear, these are all of the additions to my TOMY collection in just the first month and a half since joining pkmncollectors. I've made purchases since the start of April 2015, but none of them are included yet.

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In the not-too distant future, more and varied pictures of my updated collection will follow.